Ready to Jumpstart Your Health Journey?

Are you feeling lost or stuck when it comes to taking the first step on your journey to better health?

You start each day committed to making better choices but day after day you come home feeling guilty and discouraged because you’ve made the same unhealthy choices.

Or, after committing to getting up early to make a healthy breakfast or take a walk, you hit snooze and end up rushing off to work without a moment to yourself…. again.

Sound familiar? Then it’s time for you to join me for a Jumpstart Your Health Journey session and plan an achievable first step.

In a Jumpstart Your Health Journey session you’ll learn why you can’t seem to get momentum and why everything you try isn’t working …all in under an hour!

How it works:

Complete a brief assessment and worksheet and then hop on a 45 minute call with me.

At the end you will:

– Know what your first step will be so that you can stop feeling guilty and discouraged and start taking sustainable action immediately.

– Have a personalized, realistic, and easy action plan based on your individual results so that you are excited to start.

-Feel confident in yourself and your ability to be successful in completing the plan that we have co-created.

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Coaching with Amanda has helped me pin-point areas in my life that I can improve and develop healthy habits to reach my desired goals.  She has a holistic approach to living healthy both physically and mentally.  She has this genuine positive energy about her that makes you want to keep going, like giving up isn’t really an option.  When I get off track she is firm enough to pull me back and then encourages me to keep going.  Considering how many times I’ve given up on myself, she has never let me down.  Any question that I’ve thrown at her she has come back with a solid answer and research backing it.

I valued Amanda’s commitment in helping me find what my most important goal was and is. She was honest, fair and very positive. I felt 100% supported, cared for and my goals were important not only to me but Amanda as well. It made me feel like I could absolutely reach my goals.


Are you ready to go all-in and get healthy!?

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Signature Coaching Package

Let’s Get Healthy

A four phase program that consists of 11 sessions of private coaching to help you to become the healthy version of yourself that you know you can be. 

Get ready to thrive

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Thank you, Amanda! I have struggled with my weight for years. Up and down, I couldn’t get to where I wanted to be. Since I started on my road to a new, healthier, me (with Amanda), the weight is coming off consistently. I feel better about myself and Amanda helps me find the tools I need to stay on the road to better health. She truly wants to help you be a better you. Amanda works with you to find what works best for you based on your experiences, likes and dislikes. I feel confident that when I have reached the new me, I can stay there because of the help and tools Amanda has worked with me to find.

I admire Amanda and her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. I knew she could be someone I could speak freely to and get information on how I can improve my well-being. After a few weeks I was already looking at myself in a better light. After receiving an amazing amount of guidance and knowledge from Amanda, I became optimistic on how I can change my health both mentally and physically.