3 Simple Tips to Start Giving Yourself Grace

It is officially January. The time where a lot of us set out towards building new habits.

Experimenting with new things is part of process. Naturally, some things will not work out the way you hoped.

The key is to give yourself grace an continue on your journey.

Let’s be real – giving yourself grace is hard. 

What comes to mind when you think of giving yourself grace? 

For me, it is giving yourself the kindness that you often give to others but forget when it comes to yourself. 

It’s about forgiving ourselves for our mistakes. 

It’s about giving yourself permission to move forward. 

Here are 3 simple tips to get started on your journey to give yourself grace:

  1. Pause and take a deep breath.  There is so much power in pausing and breathing instead of immediately losing yourself  in the guilt.
  2. Set realistic expectations.  Some common areas that we struggle with this are: Overcommitting: Be realistic about how much you can do while still maintaining your health and sanity.  Perfection: You are human and perfection is not achievable. Acknowledge when you make mistakes – take what you can learn and leave the rest.
  3. Reflect on the good. It is so easy to focus on our mistakes and what didn’t go well. Be intentional about making time to focus on what you did well.

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You’ve got this!